Farmhouse Foundation

The number of foundation options available, along with the specific features and benefits of each approach can be a bit overwhelming for a first time builder to evaluate. However, the choice became very easy once each of the companies were asked to provide an estimate.

We knew we wanted an insulated basement because of the negative impact an uninsulated foundation could have on energy costs. Considering we're going through a down time for construction, we were amazed at the slow response and lack of interest we received from a number of foundation companies. In some cases, repeated calls requesting general information would go unreturned.

Other times we would be put in touch with a local representative who would drop the ball. Having invested a substantial amount of time researching solutions, it was frustrating to get the responses we did. The only reason we could come up with was the fact that our site was located in a rural area, north of Nashville.

The one standout in terms of customer service was Superior Walls. Although they are a national brand, each facility is locally owned. We initially were interested in using one group out of Kentucky and went through a tour of their facility. However, it appeared they were going through a difficult financial time and that made us question their long-term viability. We eventually contacted a different Superior Walls affiliate out of Rock Island, TN.

From the very first conversation, Rich Hertel, their sales representative, consistently showed that he valued our business. Every question was answered promptly, as was the timing and delivery of their drawings and estimates. When we had some concerns, Rich quickly arranged a face to face meeting for us, our contractor and the local Superior Walls owner, Stacey Harvey.

Every step of the way they were professional, responsive and fair. The actual installation was flawless and their onsite crew was outstanding. We now have a reinforced concrete basement that's insulated, ready to be finished and warranted for 15 years. All for less then the cost of a typical, uninsulated, no warranty block foundation.

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