Latest Projects

Farmhouse Foundation

The number of foundation options available, along with the specific features and benefits of each approach can be a bit overwhelming for a first time builder to evaluate. However, the choice became very easy once each of the companies were asked to provide an estimate. Read more.

Solar PV System for the Farm

Just the concept of our electric meter running backwards and our electric company sending us a check was enough to get us interested in a system. Throw in the Federal tax credits, as well as the CO2 savings and we decided to go solar. Read more.

Holly Acres Farmhouse Foundation Excavation

The five acre site for the Farmhouse is a dream. It sits high up on a hill overlooking rolling fields of farmland with unobstructed views for over 30 miles. The perimeter of the property has many mature trees including nine magnificent Oaks in the front, each well over 100 years old. From the top of this hill, the property slopes back down to a wooded area and then to a flat pasture. Read more.

Holly Acres Farmhouse: The Concept

Most of us would like our homes to be less expensive to run, use less energy, be enjoyable to live in, and be better for the environment. In addition, there's the likelihood that parents, as they get older, might end up moving in with their children. What I was looking for was an affordable solution, from a non-architect's perspective, that combines both of these ideals. Read more.