Superior Walls Set Crew

When folks love what they do it shows in how they treat one another and in the quality of work that gets done. The crew that came to place the foundation walls had a flow to what they did that could only have come from that type of positive attitude.

After traveling over three hours to the site and arriving at 5 pm, I would have expected that this crew (left to right: Rodney - truck driver; Robert Roddy - set crew; Ralph Womack- crane operator; and Kevin Sandlin - set crew chief) would have been ready to call it a day. But not these men. In less then a half hour they had set up a 40 ton crane and were swinging their first precast concrete panel into place.

They worked until sunset, all the while joking, laughing and really enjoying themselves. The ease and accuracy with which they swung each panel into place was amazing. Ralph, the crane operator, landed every single panel on the red chalk line on the first try. As quickly as the panel landed, Robert and Kevin would be bolting it, sealing it and then one of them would be racing up to the flat bed to hook up the next panel.

They came back the following morning and finished the job. Total time on site: less then seven hours. The speed at which the foundation came together was only exceeded by their dedication to perfection. Once all the walls were in place, they fine-tuned the placement with large crow bars to ensure that the foundation was perfectly square. Then, still smiling, they were off to the next site.