Michele and Tom

This is the story of our journey to find a better life and the wonderful people we’ve met along the way. We’re big on projects, so we thought the best way to tell our story is through them.

We live on a beautiful farm, just north of Nashville in Cedar Hill, Tennessee. Here our days our filled with amazing sunrises and sunsets, lots of friendly animals and some of the kindest, most wonderful people you’d ever want to meet.

How we bought the farm

We came to Nashville on a vacation a few years ago to visit some friends and just leisurely drive around. Although we hadn’t seriously thought about moving from New York, something about Tennessee just felt right.

We decided to look at a few properties and then on our third day here we drove past this farm. We stopped, looked at one another and said “This is it”. We got out of the car, walked around the fields and woods and eventually looked inside the house. We felt a strong connection to everything. We asked ourselves, if not now, then when and if not here, then where?

We put in an offer on the property and it was accepted. We came back to New York, told our family and friends we were moving, put our home on the market and began packing. A few months later we moved to our new home, Holly Acres Farm, and started our first project, renovating our home.

Michele & Tom Trapp