About Holly Acres Farm

From the very first time we saw this farm we knew it was right for us. Sixty acres of pure peace and tranquility located just thirty miles north of Music City – Nashville, TN.

In December 2006 we packed up our home in New York and headed South with our three dogs and four horses to begin our new life in Tennessee. We arrived two weeks before Christmas and decided to name the farm Holly Acres after our Border Collie, Holly.

The farm is made up of rolling fields, some wooded areas, and a few ponds. Because of its wonderful terrain, the farm provides wide, panoramic views for watching sunrises and sunsets. However, it’s not secluded and we’re blessed with wonderful neighbors all around us.

The atmosphere is energizing and tranquil. We can’t wait to start our days and yet we never feel any of the pressure that used to be so much a part of lives living in New York. All our animals seem to have picked up on this new energy and they have kicked it back a few notches towards calm and peaceful.

Despite having lived here only a few years, Tennessee and Holly Acres Farm is our, sanctuary, our home. Although we never like leaving here sometimes we must for business or family.

What’s interesting is that we both feel a pang of anxiety whenever we have to travel, but feel a sense of calm as soon as we see the Nashville skyline. Just seeing it is like taking a deep relaxing breath, because we know our home at Holly Acres Farm, is just a few minutes away.