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Billy Ray and His Boys

What most folks know about home framing could probably fit in Billy Ray's pinky. He's been doing it for over half a century and he is an encyclopedia of knowledge about building codes, their regional differences and what really matters most when you're framing. Read more.

Superior Walls Set Crew

When folks love what they do it shows in how they treat one another and in the quality of work that gets done. The crew that came to place the foundation walls had a flow to what they did that could only have come from that type of positive attitude. Read more.

Farmhouse Framing

With so many different approaches available for framing an energy-efficient home, the decision finally came down to an economic one: which approach would give us the biggest insulation bang for our buck. Read more.

Farmhouse Foundation

The number of foundation options available, along with the specific features and benefits of each approach can be a bit overwhelming for a first time builder to evaluate. However, the choice became very easy once each of the companies were asked to provide an estimate. Read more.

Solar PV System for the Farm

Just the concept of our electric meter running backwards and our electric company sending us a check was enough to get us interested in a system. Throw in the Federal tax credits, as well as the CO2 savings and we decided to go solar. Read more.

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About Holly Acres Farm

Holly Acres Farm is nestled in the lush, rolling hills of Robertson County, just north of Nashville, Tennessee. The farm was named after a kind, fun-loving Border Collie named Holly, who passed away in 2010 at the age of 16. Her gentle and caring nature was a wonderful energy that can still be felt. Visitors often remark about the feeling of peace and tranquility they experience after a trip to the farm.